Welcome to the South Central Los Angeles Regional Center Vendor Advisory Committee Website!

On behalf of the Vendor Advisory Committee, I am pleased to extend my greetings to you. It is an honor to serve as the South Central Los Angeles Vendor Advisory Committee (VAC) Chairperson. The committee looks forward to a productive time in service to you and it is our intention to continue the rich legacy of the VAC.

As our maxim “Building Bridges” suggests, we are dedicated to cultivating solid relationships with all consumers, legislative representatives, regional center staff, parents, vendors and all other stakeholders.  We acknowledge that the committee cannot reach its full potential without the active participation of all service providers.  As such, we sincerely look forward to your increased participation at the VAC meetings which are held every Wednesday at 10:00am to 12:00pm at SCLARC on the 4th floor multipurpose room.

Our tentative plans include enhancing the vendor fair, hosting informative presenters and networking events, providing vendor perspectives on quality assurance standards and purchase of service policies. In addition, we are reestablishing several sub-committees relating to transportation, day programs, employment, residential services and legislation. We invite your involvement on one or more of these important teams and welcome any additional ideas you may have.

Many of you have already communicated your concerns about shrinking financial resources, the need to improve relationships with the regional center, quality assurance procedures and more. It is our intention to proactively respond to each of these issues.  Although as service providers we are committed to the success of our businesses, we must remember we have a higher responsibility to diligently support and facilitate the hopes and dreams of all consumers.

Davina Douthard
Chair 2008-2011