It is with great pleasure that I welcome you as well as introduce you to the new executives of SCLAC VAC 2017-2018

Chair person – JB Wagoner
e. jbwagoner@gmail.com

Vice Chair – Kelli Marsh
e. kellimarsh1@aol.com

Secretary – Karina A. Andrade
e. kandrade@elarcainc.org

Treasurer – Martha Rodriguez
e. martha.r.fobirx@att.net

Parliamentarian – Carmen Haley
e. chaley@cihassinc.org

I hope you have been attending the monthly VAC meetings. If not, we urge you to please become a part of this wonderful movement.

We have a shared vision – to build bridges; which is more important today than ever before particularly in this changing world of legislation, smart phones, cloud hosting, healthcare reform, minimum wage and self-determination.

The VAC monthly meeting is a forum for trainings and discussions on issues affecting our businesses, the quality of service provided to Consumers and our relationship with the Regional Center staff.

Presenters are experts in the community and SCLARC staff providing us with the opportunity to ask specific question or connect with someone who can obtain answers to our questions. Your input is therefore important because it is only through such joint effort that we understand, approve and act on significant suggested courses of action.

It is in this spirit that we have put together a workshop to renew our knowledge base, examine the quality of our services and enhance our relationships with one another and others.

Our goal is to increase Provider participation, address issues and build bridges together. Join us the second Wednesday of each month at 10:00 am to 12:00pm in the multipurpose room of the 4th floor.

See you there!!!!

Lara Okunubi
Chair, 2014-2016